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For information purposes only, below is a list of analysts that currently provide research on Artemis Gold Inc. Artemis does not provide analysts’ reports or their recommendations, nor does it endorse or approve any opinions, estimates or forecasts of any analyst regarding the Company’s business or its securities, or their conclusions or recommendations. This list should not be considered accurate or exhaustive, as analysts and institutions may change their coverage universe from time to time.

Institution Analyst Email
BMO Capital Markets Andrew Mikitchook andrew.mikitchook@bmo.com
Canaccord Genuity Kevin Mackenzie kevin.mackenzie@canaccord.com
Cormark Securities Richard Gray rgray@cormark.com
Haywood Securities Pierre Vaillancourt pvaillancourt@haywood.com
National Bank Financial Don Demarco don.demarco@nbc.ca
Paradigm Capital Lauren McConnell lmcconnell@paradigmcap.com
PI Financial Chris Thompson cthompson@pifinancial.com
Stifel GMP Ian Parkinson iparkinson@stifel.com